PitechPlus Cluj has developed significantly since its establishment until last year

With a profit of 1.7 million euros, 2019 was the company’s most successful year.

The Cluj-based software solutions provider, PitechPlus, has experienced steady growth since its establishment in 2008 until last year. The company, based in Cluj -Napoca, is owned by a Bucharest-based company and a holding company in Cluj-Napoca. However, it is managed by Bogdan Herea Buzatu from Cluj, who is a shareholder in several companies. 

PitechPlus, based in Cluj-Napoca, achieved revenues of 10.3 million euros last year, compared to 9.1 million euros in 2018. Three years ago, the total revenue of the Cluj-based company was 7.1 million euros. In 2016, the revenue reached 6 million euros. The lowest total revenue was recorded in 2008, the year of the company's foundation, specifically 16,000 euros. 

Pitech Plus' net profit last year was the highest since its founding. Therefore, the company reported a net profit of almost 1.7 million euros in 2019, an increase of approximately 380,000 euros compared to 2018. Three years ago, the profit was 163,000 euros, and in 2016 the profit value was 39,000 euros. In the year of the company's founding, PitechPlus had a net profit of 14,200 euros. 

The company had 223 employees last year. Over the past four years, the average number of employees has not exceeded 235. In the year of its debut, Pitech Plus had 2 employees. The company is owned by Webhelp Romania SRL Bucharest (51%) and Omega Tech Plus Holding SRL Cluj-Napoca (49%). Pitech Plus is managed by Bogdan Buzatu Herea, Maurice Rene Matthieu Boiun, Pierre Marie Vincent Tachet, Yan Arnaoud Noblot, and Maria Mirabela Iusan Bucur.  

Webhelp Romania is a company with exclusively foreign capital and its main activity is the operation of call centers. The company is owned by Webhelp SAS France (88%) and Webhelp Holding Germany GMBH (12%). Last year, the company had aturnover of 23 million euros, a net profit of nearly 750,000 euros, and 1300 employees. 

Omega Tech Plus Holding SRL Cluj-Napoca is Bogdan Buzatu Herea's company and its business activities involve holding activities. Last year it had zero revenue, losses of 5000 euros and zero employees.PitechPlus operates for markets in France, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the USA, Belgium, Scandinavian countries, and Romania.

The Cluj-based software solutions provider has active customers in industries such as automotive, retail, government, and banking. 

PitechPlus is directly linked to seven companies: Webhelp Romania SRL, Sonic + Pay SRL, Fast Order SRL, Rodeapps SRL, Parking Plus SRL, Omega Tech Plus Holding, and Mind Magnet Plus SRL. Mind Magnet Plus SRL was acquired by Pitech Plus two years ago and is one of the leading providers of Magento solutions in Romania. 


Sonic + Pay SRL is the company of Bogdan Buzatu Herea and Youssef Hautier (Switzerland) and is active in business and management consulting. 

Fast Order (custom software development activities) is owned by Bogdan Buzatu Herea, Alexandru Coman, Lucian Cornel Cramba, and Fast Investor SRL. With three employees and a revenue of 24,000 euros, the company incurred losses of 21,700 euros last year. 

Rodeapps and Parking Plus also made losses last year. In contrast, Mind Magnet Plus (custom software development activities), wholly owned by Pitech Plus, recorded a net profit of 60,800 euros, a revenue of 612,700 euros, and 13 employees. 


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