Backend DeveloperGolang

We are looking for a seasoned Senior Developer proficient in Golang to join our team. We are developing an audit service system in Golang for user actions derived from various sources, such as a Rails monolith, webhooks from third-party integrations, and other Golang microservices. 


Here's what you can help us with: 

  • Refine and extend our existing Golang microservices architecture incorporating a Kafka-based message ingestion system and Clickhouse for data storage. 
  • Develop and maintain efficient, scalable gRPC APIs with Golang, incorporating best practice considerations for API design, security, and versioning. 
  • Implement strategies to manage system failures, back-pressure, and other interactions between Kafka, Golang microservices, and gRPC APIs.
  • Lead code reviews, mentor team members, and establish best development practices.
  • Collaborate with various development teams to ensure seamless integration of the Kafka messaging system and gRPC endpoints. 


Key Strengths: 

  • Demonstrable experience with Golang; having strong familiarity with Ruby is a big plus 
  • Extensive professional experience developing with Golang, Kafka messaging systems, Clickhouse, and gRPC APIs
  • Proven track record in developing efficient, asynchronous, queue-based microservices and scalable software systems.
  • Expertise in designing, deploying and managing asynchronous work queues, large-scale storage systems, and high-performance systems, coupled with a strong grasp of Kubernetes environment and Google Cloud
  • Capable of monitoring system performance with Datadog tracing
  • Excellent collaboration, communication, knowledge-sharing, and mentoring skills
  • Demonstrated success in a similar senior or lead development role 



Living our values: 

  • Be a team player - collaborative engagement, share cool ideas, recognize and value the contribution of each of the team members. Support when needed - great teams win together. 
  • Passionate about technology - latest technology, trends and innovation are your source of inspiration. Sharing your knowledge with the community and helping others to grow is your main purpose.
  • Client Value Creation - go beyond expectation to offer the best-in-class solutions. Committed to high performance in delivering our promise. 


  • Have continuous access to workshops and training because your growth is encouraged and sustained 
  • Get company support for your professional growth plan
  • Benefit from a premium medical care package
  • Work from everywhere
  • Access to a flexible benefits package from which to choose annually according to your needs
  • Unforgettable team building and parties to convince yourself we don't miss a chance to have fun. 

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